Just Relax Massage & Wellness truly believes everyone can benefit from massage!

At Just Relax Massage & Wellness, their mission is to provide a relaxing and therapeutic service in a calming and comfortable atmosphere while providing excellent customer service. Some of the many benefits of massage include reduced pain, support for healing of injuries, strengthening the immune system, reduced anxiety, improved mobility, relieved muscle tension,increase sense of well-being, improved circulation, detoxification, relaxation, stress reduction and an increased sense of peace.

When you come to Just Relax Massage & Wellness, you will be welcome by wonderful aromas and peaceful surroundings. Sessions are made up of unique blend of therapies that are tailored to meet your needs as well as deep relaxation.

Please contact Just Relax Massage & Wellness at 641-229-5545 for more information or to make your appointments. Just Relax Massage & Wellness is located at 112 Mechanic Street in Fayette. You can also visit us on Facebook for news, specials and contests. We look forward to hearing from you. Just Relax Massage & Wellness... "What your Body & Soul Deserves!"